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The Abbey

Actually Wishbone Basin, but no maps we saw had a name for it when we started climbing there in 2010 and I was reading The Name of the Rose so we started calling it the Abbey which no one calls it now not even us and I've emailed Sundev a couple of times asking him to change it to Wishbone but he is too busy and this site is dead anyway.

High altitude granite bouldering close to Salt Lake. When it's in the 90s down in the valley, it's in the 70s up here. The rock varies in quality, but there is a lot of it.

The only reason to climb here is to get away from other climbers. Lots to do if you endure the torturous gear haul. There are steep projects, but are they worth the hike?

Rock Type: Granite monzonite schiststone

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If you want to avoid the pretty but endless trail from Alpine, drive through AF canyon following signs for Granite Flats campground. Above Granite Flats, and before Silver Lake Flat, is a trailhead for Dry Creek. Walk up this (~2 hrs of switchbacks) to the saddle just north of Box Elder Peak.


This entire website probably never should have existed

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