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Park City

Not a boulder, Just a rock formation that came into existence when Dynomite met the side of this mountain. But hey... its better than nothing!

Rock Type: Sandstone (I Believe)

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I have set up a path that will lead you throught a field of rocks. I will be improving the directions system here soon when it gains popularity. The Location is Right beside the Jewish temple. Go towards Park City as if you were going to take the running path, Then its right on the left on the side of the mountain with the radio tower on top of it.


When i came to Park City there was not a single Boulder problem anywhere... i look all over the internet and found nothing! So i went around and tried out some of the spots that appeared to be decent... Most of them were decent rock... but with a deadly fall onto slanted rocks of doom... But i finnaly found one where you can Set up your Crash pad and have some fun!

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