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Justøya - Bergsvann

Justøya is an island outside Lillesand in Aust-Agder county in Norway. Some 200 problems have been established. The area is small, but offers some nice bouldering all year round. The bouldering is mostly on the easier grades.

Rock Type: Granitt


  1. Bergsvann

Grade Spectrum

  • 3
  • 4
  • 4+
  • 5
  • 5+
  • 6a
  • 6a+
  • 6b
  • 6b+
  • 6c
  • 6c+
  • 7a
  • 7a+
  • 7b
  • 7b+
  • 7c
  • 7c+
  • 8a
  • 8a+
  • 8b
  • 8b+
  • 8c
  • 8c+
  • 9a


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From Oslo:
Drive south on E-18 until you reach Lillesand (about 400 km).


The bouldering started in 2006. A summer tourist cleaning new problems for a few weeks every year. The island got more attention from local climbers in 2012, and since then there has been a good amount of developing every year. There is still lots of potential, but developing takes a fair amount of cleaning. Probably a few hundred problems yet to be climbed.,

Camping / Accomodations

A good place to camp is Saltvika.


The bouldering is on private land. According to Norwegian law, no one can deny you bouldering on private land except on agricultural land. However, it is not allowed without permission to freely cut trees or do major changes to the enviroment in order to climb. A privat land owner can also deny parking or charge you for it (within reason).

As of 2015 there has been no trouble with any land owner about parking or bouldering.

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