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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you have a guide for (insert the name of cool area here)?

Ok, here's the deal, I don't really like adding info to this site. I'm not that kind of OCD where I like to run around and catalog crap. But, I know there are people out there like that and I like to build tools for those people... Yeah, I really like building these tools. I hope you have fun using them.

How the hell do I create a guide? This is confusing!

The easiest way to understand how WikiBoulder works is to watch these tutorials on guide creation. I understand it can be a bit confusing. I've created these video tutorials to help understand how to create a guide and add areas and problems to it.

guide tutorial image
Click above to view the guide creation tutorial
iphone tutorial image
Click above for the iPhone guide creation tutorial

Why can't I edit a Problem/Area/Guide name?

If a guide, area or problem has had enough problems given ratings, then it is considered permanent. This is to prevent malicious users deleting established parts of the guides. Alternately, by rating the problems in an area or guide, you can ensure that these parts of the guide cannot be deleted.

How are Points Calculated?

Points are based on the table below. Since French grades are broken down more discreetly than US, I started at the bottom of the french system and assigned points from there. All US grades default to the highest point value for the grade.

  • PointsUSFrench
  • 1pt.V03
  • 2pts.V04
  • 3pts.V04+
  • 4pts.V15
  • 5pts.V25+
  • 6pts.V36a
  • 7pts.V36a+
  • 8pts.V46b
  • 9pts.V46b+
  • 10pts.V56c
  • 11pts.V56c+
  • 12pts.V67a
  • 13pts.V77a+
  • 14pts.V87b
  • 15pts.V87b+
  • 16pts.V97c
  • 17pts.V107c+
  • 18pts.V118a
  • 19pts.V128a+
  • 20pts.V138b
  • 21pts.V148b+
  • 22pts.V158c
  • 23pts.V168c+
  • 24pts.V179a

Why aren't there any routes?

The name of the site is WikiBoulder. But, seriously, I just haven't had time and the topo creator might need to be changed for routes. I will probably create a new site in the future that is route specific and aggregate both sites into one non-stop shop for all your roped and non-roped tracking and guiding needs.

Who is WikiBoulder?

WikiBoulder is the personal project of Sundev Lohr. Sundev is the lead developer for Brainvise. WikiBoulder is an aside he works on when he doesn't have paying work coming in and for unknown reasons doesn't want to go on a climbing trip.

Where is the mobile app?

It has officially arrived for iPhone: View in App Store. And now for Android as well here on Google Play.

Why isn't WikiBoulder cooler? Why don't you do this sweet thing? etc.

Probably, not enough time. If you have a cool idea, email me at