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WikiBoulder began on a trip to Fontainebleau. I had just bought the 7+8 guidebook and marveled at the beauty and simplicity of the book. I loved how the author had distilled the layout of each area into these simple topos of the boulderfields. Being a programmer, I soon began to think about building a site that would allow people to draw similar little maps. And so, I started work on the first version of WikiBoulder.

Version one of WikiBoulder was moderately successful. It had over 1000 problems spread out all over the world. It was particularly successful in my own neck of the woods, Utah, as well as Scandinavia. Utah can easily be attributed to word of (my) mouth, but the only reason I can give for its popularity with Northern Europeans is that they are particularly adept at visualizing space in a way that's needed to draw the topos. See, I soon realized that the main hurdle for anyone adding to the site was the topo creator. Sure it was responsible for all these cool little drawings; I loved seeing how different people went about it. But, from a purely functional perspective, it wasn't the best solution. In order to add any problems to the guides, you had to draw a topo. If you didn't remember what the area looked like, or just didn't spacially think about things in that way, you were out of luck.

So, with version 2, I have removed the need for the topo creator. Sure, you can still draw topos, but now it's an optional exercise. Really, all you need now is a name, a name for a guide, a name for an area and a name for a problem. Someone else can then add that problem into a topo later… or not.

But, version 2 isn't just about making the topos optional. I've added in a number of other features. Now you can upload an image of each problem and draw a line on that image, marking where the problem ascends. I've also added an "Athletes" section where you can track your sends. You can also compete against others for the best days in each guide. This allows everyone to compete against their friends at the local area. I've also improved the media section. You can now tag other users, causing that media to show up on their athlete page.

So, that's it for now. I hope you like it. If you have any questions, check out the FAQ section.